The Eclipse

Mobius is pleased to present THE ECLIPSE, a solo online exhibition of recent works by Andrei Gamarț.

The Eclipse series is the result of the artist’s ample exploration of the relationship built between memory – which is an ongoing process of both the individual, as a unit, and humanity, as a collectiv being – and light, seen as the primary matter that exists in a constant state of oblivion. The eclipse, as a natural phenomenon, shows a “foreign body” obturating the source of light. Could it be that this foreign body is actually part of us, a hidden territory that we know little about – close to nothing? The “shadow” within us, subject of Jung’s explorations, might be that foreign body which is obliterating our vision, the unknown side of us that surfaces for short moments from our own abyss and takes the most unexpected forms of manifestation. The exhibition formulates an invitation for the viewer to contemplate the fragile balance between knowledge and the unknown, spirit and body, matter and consciousness. The artist focuses his effort on shaping into a visible form the relation among the source of light, the object and its shadow, in order to define those special and rare moments when consciousness of sight is activated and acknowledged.

This project is part of the program aiming to support art galleries in Bucharest initiated by the Capital City Hall through the General Directorate of Landscape, Architecture and Public Monuments, and the Expo Arte Cultural Center.